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COM-ETX [Computer On Module - Embedded Technology eXtended] is an embedded processor board.
The size of the COM-ETX board is 114mm x 100mm [height x lenght].
This may be the same board format/standard as the SOM-144 style [System On Module].

Companies producing the COM-ETX board format.

Avalue {SOM-ETX CPU Module Carrier card in PISA Board Format}

Advantech {SOM-Express Boards, COM-Express Compliant}

iBASE {ETX CPU Module, ETX Baseboard}

Related COM Board Formats:
Listing of COM Express Board Manufacturers. COMexpress boards measure 125mm x 95mm.
Listing of COM-144 Board Manufacturers. COM-ETX [Embedded Technology eXtended] boards measure 114mm x 100mm.

All other types of board manufacturers are listed on the Industrial Board Manufacturers.
Also refer to the listing of Embedded Motherboard manufacturers.

Editor note, these board formats are added as they are discovered, which could mean when the specification is released or when the first board product is introduced.
It could also mean when the first mention of a new form factor appears in a press release, even before a product is ready.
In any case the board format is listed by its common name, but may be known under a secondary name or marketing term.

The board formats are also listed regardless of how popular the specification is, that is, the number of companies producing product.
The standard is listed only to show an available board format.
The number of manufacturers listed here may change form time to time, as companies either adopt or drop support for the product line.

Board size is not the only feature that differentiates one format from another, the functionality is also important.
Although functionality also decreases as the size of the card specification decreases, so they go hand-in-hand.

A listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] COM-ETX Card Manufacturers and Related sites.
Computer-On-Module [COM] is also refereed to as System-On-Module [SOM].
A PC card is shown in the graphic; however a module is not an expansion card.
A module defines a stand-alone board format which does not need to plug into a main-board [mother-board].
The module is the main-board, or the computer; so the term Computer-On-Module.

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