Commercial Standard Communications Bus


CSCB [Commercial Standard Communications Bus].

The Commercial Standard Digital Bus [CSDB] interface operates on a bus frequency of 12.5kbps or 50kbps.
The electrical standard for data transmission compiles with RS422 in part.
There are changes however; Line-to-Line, and Line-to-Ground receiver capacitance is defined as 600pF.
While the transmitter load capacity is set at 12,000pF, allowing for between 1 and 10 loads.
The CSDB nodes may be connected in a unidirectional or bidirectional topology.
Using unidirectional topology one transmitted is connected to between 1 and 10 receivers.
While in bidirectional topology any transmitter may communicate with any receiver or node.
The mechanical interface uses a twisted shielded pair cable with a maximum cable length of 50 meters [unterminated].
Data is transmitted in Non Return to Zero [NRZ]. A positive line 'B' indicates a Logic "0", while a positive line 'A' indicates a Logic "1"
A Logic "0" defines a Start Bit, while a Logic "1" defines a Stop Bit. A message block consists of 1 address byte followed by any number of data bytes.

The output voltage levels range between +3.0v to 5.0 Vdc for transmitting signals.
The receive voltage levels range between +2.0v and 6.0 Vdc.

CSDB Release date 1983
GAMA General Aviation Manufacturers Association

CSDB Products and Manufacturers

Aeroflex {CSDB Databus Analyzers}

Ballard Technology {CSDB; Ethernet, PCI, cPCI}

Max Technologies {CSDB 8MHz single-size Industry Pack}

Rockwell Collins {CSDB Interface Adapter, CSDB to ARINC 429 and ARINC 429 to CSDB}

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ASCB Avionics Standard Communications Bus. A high-speed, bi-directional digital data bus

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