Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet


AFDX [Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet]. AFDX is a propriety databus standard.
The AFDX interface is more Network than data bus, with types of devices Switches and End Systems.
The AFDX network operates at full-duplex 10Mbits/s or 100MBit/s. AFDX is ARINC 664, Part 7
AFDX uses one set of twisted pair copper wire or fiber optic cable for transmit and another pair for receiving data.
However AFDX uses a dual-port with both ports transmitting or receiving the same data.
Although AFDX is based on Ethernet, the protocol is different.

CSCB Products

Aeroflex {AFDX products; PCI, cPCI, VME, VXI, PMC}

Ballard Technology {AFDX products include; PCI, cPCI, PMC}

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ASCB Avionics Standard Communications Bus. A high-speed, bi-directional digital data bus

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