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Apple IIc Joystick Pin out

This listing is of an obsolete and out-dated interface which was only used on the Apple IIc computer.
The current Joystick interface on the newest Apple Computer offering may use the USB interface and may not provide a 9-pin D-Sub connector.
Connector formats based on a 9-pin D-subminiature connector are no longer used.
This is a legacy pin out which is no longer used in computers produced today.

9 Pin D-Sub miniature connector
9 Pin D-Sub

9 Pin D-Sub Connector Pinout
Pin name Signal Description
1 GAMESW1 Switch input 1 (sometimes called paddle button 1).
2 +5V +5 VDC (max 100mA)
3 GND System ground.
4 n/c The pin is not used
5 PDL0 Paddle 0 hand controller input. Must be connected to a 150KW variable resistor connected to +5V.
6 n/c Not connected
7 GAMESW0 Switch input 0 (sometimes called paddle button 0).
8 PDL1 Paddle 1 hand controller input; must be connected to a 150KW variable resistor connected to +5V.
9 n/c The pin is not used

Editor note; the table uses a html symbol command, the resistor has a value of 150k ohms.
Pins with no internal connections are labeled n/c, and mean there is no electrical signal on the pin.

Apple pinout; Apple Computer Buses [all other buses used with an Apple].

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This cable interface should no longer be used in new designs.
The pin out data should only be used for historical information.
Even de-bugging usage would have past at this point, as the data is just to old, but still valid.
Design advice; You should avoid using a D-sub connector, they are physically larger than most alternatives.
This is an electrical interface, but not one an engineer would normally design a product to [other than a joystick].

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