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14-Pin AUI Pinout

The Apple Computer Ethernet Pinout and Signal names on a 14-Pin AUI connector.
Used on LaserWriter 12/600
Used on LaserWrite Pro 600/630 (Called EtherTalk)
Used on LaserWrite 12/640 (Called AppleTalk).
Note; this interface is obsolete on current computers, the products listed are obsolete.

Apple 14 pin AUI Connector
Attachment Unit Interface

14 Pin AUI Connector
Pin # Pin name Pin Description
1 AAU15V +5v power
2 RX Receive Data Positive (or RX+EXT)
3 /RX Receive Data Negative (or RXEXT)
4 GND Ground
5 CD+EXT Carrier Detect Positive
6 CDEXT Carrier Detect Negative
7 AAU15V +5v Power
8 AAU15V +5v Power
9 TX Transmit Data Positive (or TX+EXT)
10 /TX Transmit Data Negative (or TXEXT)
11 GND Ground
12 Open (NC) Open Line (Not Connected)
13 Open (NC) Open Line (Not Connected)
14 AAU15V +5v Power

Apple AUI Connector assembly
Apple Attachment Unit Interface and Ethernet

Standard Ethernet AUI pinout, on a 15 pin Dsub connector.

The common AUI definition does not really specify a particular connector so it may be found on a number of different connector styles.
So the AUI pin out may change between different manufacturers using their own interconnecting mechanisms.
In other words, when searching for an AUI pin out make sure it relates to a particular device.

Editor note; As already stated on a number of pages; the DB style of connector is in decline.
Don't expect to find a DB connector on a new computer; IBM style or Macintosh computer.
Or any large D style connector is unlikely to be encountered on the back of a PC.
On a side note, even the BNC version of Ethernet is in decline and has been for many years.
The twisted-pair version has been used more often over the last decade.

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