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ar-Amplifier Research
{RF Power Amplifiers; 1 to 50,000 Watts, dc to 1 GHz, Solid State Microwave Amplifiers; 1 to 800 Watts, 0.8 to 10.6 GHz, TWT amplifiers (10 to 4,000 Watts, 0.8 to 45 GHz)}

Eimac "CPI"
{Power Grid Tubes-Klystrode}

{Micro wave Tube Amplifiers}

Thales Electron Devices

Microwave Power Inc.
{High power, wide band amplifiers, High Power TWT}

{High power/Solid state Broadband/Band-specific amplifiers-10 kHz to 8 GHz from 1 Watt to above 2 kiloWatts}

Traveling Wave Tube vs. Solid State Amplifiers
{DJM Electronics, Inc.}

Antenna's and Communication Tower Manufacturers


Ace Technology {Stubby Antenna, Retractable Antenna, New Dual/Triple/Wide Band Dipole Antenna, Portable Antenna,}

A.H. Systems, inc. {EMI / EMC Antenna Manufacturer}

ar-Amplifier Research {Log Periodic-High Gain Horn-Micro wave Horn}

Andersen Manufacturing Inc. {Satellite Antenna}

Andrew Corp. {Base Station/Broadcast/Microwave Antenna-Shelters-Towers}

Antedo, Inc. {Design, Development, Operation, Maintenance and Refurbishment}

California Amplifier {Satellite Antenna}

Central Tower {Communication Towers}

Comet Antennas {Base-Mobile-HT-Duplexers-Triplexers-Mounts}

Com-Power Corp. {EMI Applications}

CUBEX {Cubical Quad Antenna}

Gabriel Electronics, Inc {Microwave-Parabolic/Grid/Standard Parabolic/Deep Dish Parabolic/Horn}

Laird Technologies {Wireless Device Antennas, In-Building Wireless Antennas, Telematics Antennas, Mobile Phone Antennas}

MAXRAD {Mobile-Base Station-Portable-PCS-GPS-Marine Antennas}

Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America {GPS Antenna}

Smarteq {Body Mounts, Directional, Glass Mounts, M2M, Magnet Mounts, Navigation, Positioning Antennas}

TDK RF Solutions Inc. {Antennas, anechoic chambers, microwave absorbers, integrated EMI and EMS test systems, automated EMC test software, shielded video cameras, EMC test hardware.}

taoglas {Designs, manufactures, and supplies ceramic based antennas, filters and wireless modules for wireless products worldwide}

Toko {GPS-2.4GHz-Cord less Phone-Dual Band-PCS-Cellular}

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