Antenna Definitions
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Panel Antenna: --- Text in review

Parabolic Antenna: An antenna consisting of a parabolic reflector and a radiating or receiving element at or near its focus. [below right]

Parabolic Grid Antenna: --- Text in review

Parabolic Reflector. An antenna reflector in the shape of a parabola. It converts spherical wavefronts from the radiating element into plane wavefronts.

Parasitic Antenna. An antenna that operates by receiving the radiation from another antenna. A passive antenna.

Parasitic Array: An antenna array containing one or more elements not connected to the transmission line. An antenna with a driven element and one or more parasitic elements. Note that Antenna Terms are located in a different dictionary section. There are two driven elements in the Parasitic array below; LF and HF. Un-driver elements include; three director elements; HF, HF1 and HF2 and two reflector elements, LF and HF. The antenna, or elements are shown mount to a large antenna mast

A Parasitic Array with both reflectors and driven elements
Parasitic Array

Parasitic Element. The passive element of an antenna array that is connected to neither the transmission line nor the driven element.

Passive Antenna. See Parasitic Antenna.

Path loss: The ratio of received power to transmitted power. The greater the distance between the receiving antenna and the transmitting antenna the greater the path loss.

Patch Antenna: --- Text in review

Patch Panel Antenna: --- Text in review

Pedestal: The structure supporting an antenna. Also refer to Companies producing Antenna Pedestals.

Pencil Beam: A narrow circular radar beam from a highly directional antenna (such as a parabolic reflector).

Periodic Antenna: An antenna whose impedance varies as the frequency does. An antenna that has an approximately constant input impedance over a narrow range of frequencies.

Periscope Antenna: An antenna configuration in which the transmitting antenna is oriented to produce a vertical radiation pattern, and a flat or off-axis parabolic reflector, mounted above the transmitting antenna, is used to direct the beam in a horizontal path toward the receiving antenna.

Phased Array Antenna A phase array is a group of antenna in which the relative phases of the respected signals feeding the antenna are varied in such a way that the effective radiation pattern of the array is reinforced in a desired direction and suppressed in undesired directions.

Pillbox Antenna: A type of parabolic reflector.

Planar Array: An antenna in which all of the elements, both active and parasitic, are in one plane.

Polarization: The direction of the electric field of a radiated wave relative to the surface of the Earth (vertical, horizontal, linear, and circular).

Polarization fading: Fading due to polarization rotation of a received signal. The received signal decreases when the incoming wave does not have the same polarization as the receiving antenna.

Power gain: The directive gain of an antenna multiplied by its efficiency. In an antenna, the ratio of its radiated power to that of a reference.

Propagation: A phenomenon by which any wave moves from one point to another; the travel of electromagnetic waves through space of along a transmission line.

Propagation Delay: The necessary time required for a signal to be transmitted from one point to another.

Propagation Path: The path or route over which power flows from the transmitter to the receiver.

Propagation Loss: The loss of energy caused by the spreading of an electromagnetic wave as it travels through space.

Q Antenna. A Dipole antenna matched to the transmission line by a stub.

Quad antenna. An antenna which consists of two square loops which are cut to a quarter wavelength.

Quarter-wave Antenna: An antenna with an electrical length that is equal to one-quarter wavelength of the signal being transmitter or received. As a Marconi Antenna. A half-wave antenna cut in half, with one end grounded.

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