Antenna terms for Engineers and Technicians
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Discone Antenna: A type of biconical antenna; however one cone is out by 180 degrees. An antenna comprised of a cone and a flat disk, although neither the disk or cone have to be solid and could use elements that form the shape of a disk or cone.

Dish Antenna: An antenna shaped like a dish. Same as a Parabolic Antenna. A similar graphic to the Humvee mounted Dish is a Towed Dish Antenna [towed antenna], same antenna on a different mount. A dish antenna with no fixed location. Also reference mobile antenna.

Satellite Dish Antenna mounted on a Hummer
Dish Antenna

Double-Doublet Antenna: An antenna formed by two half-wave antennas.

Doublet Antenna: Another name for the dipole antenna. An antenna with two equal length elevated conductors in a straight line, with the power connection in the center.

Double-V Antenna. [Double Vee] A modified dipole.

Downlink: A data link from a satellite or other spacecraft to a terrestrial terminal. A data link from an airborne platform to a ground-based terminal.

Driven Array: An array in which all of the elements are driven.

Driven element: An element of an antenna (transmitting or receiving) that is connected directly to the transmission line.

Ducting: The propagation of a VHF or UHF wave by bouncing between the Earths surface and the interface between layers of air having different dielectric constants. Confinement of electromagnetic wave propagation to a restricted atmospheric layer by steep gradients in the index of refraction with altitude.

Dummy Antenna. See Dummy Load.

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