Dual SPST CMOS Analog Switches in a DIP package


Semiconductor - Analog / Mixed Signal - Switches

CMOS Analog Switch Manufacturers

Advanced Linear Devices Inc. {break-before-make and make-before-break Analog Switches}

Analog Devices {Analog CMOS SPDT/SPST Switch Manufacturer}

Calogic LLC {Wideband C/DMOS Switches/Multiplexers}

Maxim {Switches, Multiplexer ICs}

Micrel Semiconductor {CMOS Switches; Current Limit, Automatic Fault Recovery, Latching}

NJR Corporation {Analog Switch Manufacturer; DIP16, DMP16, SSOP16 Packages. All switches are controlled by TTL or C-MOS compatible input.}

TriQuint Semiconductor {RF Analog Switch Manufacturer}

Vishay {Analog Switch Manufacturer; Bus Switches, SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT, 2:1, 4:1, 8:1, 16:1, 8x4}

Zarlink Semiconductor {Low RDSon-Video Analog Switch Manufacturer}

RF Modules, RF Switch Manufacturers, Connectorized and leaded.

Analog switches are defined just like the mechanical ones; Single Position, Single Throw, Double Position and so on.
They are also made to function just like the mechanical ones; as in Make-before-break or Break-before-Make.

CMOS Analog Multiplexer Switch
Analog Multiplexer IC Circuit

An Analog Switch is a Linear CMOS Integrated Circuit [IC].
The Analog Switch offers high switching speed and very low on resistance,
and very low leakage current when off.
Control pins [CMOS Decode Logic] are A1, A0, En depicted in the graphic.
The actual switch is normally a MOSFET, while the control pin is a TTL or CMOS digital input.
FETs are also used as the semiconductor switch.
The switches may be normally on or normally off.

Analog Multiplexer IC: Circuit Function; 4:1 x2, Dual Supply
Functional Schematics; Analog Switch SPST, or Analog Switch DPDT
Analog Mux Description and a few part numbers.
General recommendations on Component Derating.

Analog Switches have many applications, and in many cases are smaller than mechanical switches.
However if the application requires a switch with a near zero on resistance a mechanical switch should be considered.
While if the application requires a long operational life, a semiconductor switch should be considered.
Of course there are many other considerations, always check the data sheet.

Analog Switch Issues;
There are a number of factors that effect system performance;
System Attenuation, caused by the ON-Resistance, and may also be frequency dependent.
Channel Isolation, in many cases caused by channel OFF leakage current, in multi-channel devices.
Crosstalk, caused by over-lap between switching channels, inter-switch capacitances, stray capacitances, OFF switch effects.
Noise, Thermal noise, crosstalk, leakages, switching transients, and transmission path pick-up.
Switching Rates, which is frequency dependent for the switch.
Operating Frequency, is limited by the time it takes the switch to change positions after receiving a command.

MIL-M-38510/58 Positive Logic CMOS Switches [Bilateral Switch]
MIL-M-38510/105 Linear CMOS High-Level Analog Switches with Driver [75 ohm one or two channels]
MIL-M-38510/111 Monolithic and Multi-Chip Analog Switches with Driver [SPST & DPST, 30 & 75 ohms, one or two channels]
MIL-M-38510/116 Linear CMOS Analog Switches with Driver [SPST & DPST, one or two channels]
MIL-M-38510/123 Negative Logic CMOS Analog Switches [Dual & Quad SPST switches]
These specification may or may not still be available, and their revision level isn't listed because it could change at any time.

As with any generic product, analog switches will be available in a vast number of different package styles.
Refer to this page for a list of Through-hole & SMD Packages, including a description and package dimensions.

A listing of Analog IC Switch manufacturers.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Mechanical Switch manufacturers are listed on the Switch page.
Component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below, or Equipment manufacturers with the Equipment icon.

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