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This is a listing of Opto-Coupler [Opto-Isolator] manufacturers.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Related topic; Solid State Relays, as they also tend to isolate two circuits.

Note the terms used to describe the products being produced:
For example; Optocoupler, Opto-Isolator, Opto-Switch all refer to the same type of component.

Avago Technologies
{Automotive Optocoupler, Digital Optocoupler, GP Phototransistor Optocoupler, High Linearity Analog Optocoupler, IPM Interface Optocoupler}

California Eastern Laboratories
{optocouplers; Through-hole and Surface mount, SOP4, SOP5, SSOP4}


Fairchid Semiconductor
{OptoCouplers, Infrared}

{Opto-Couplers Opto-Isolators Opto-Switches Opto-Sensor Manufacturer}

Kodenshi Korea Corp.
{Photo Interrupters - Photo Couplers-Opto Receiver-Photocouplers}

Mitsubishi Semiconductor

Optek Technology Inc.
{Optoisolator Devices}

Opto Diode Corp.

Sharp Microelectronics
{Optocouplers Darlington BJT/Phototriac/Photothyristor-Photo Diodes/Transistors-Photo Detectors-Photointerrupters}

Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions 'TAOS'
{Light to Frequency, Light to Voltage, Photo diode Array}

{Photocoupler Device Manufacturer}

{Opto couplers, Photo Detectors}

Opto-coupler Transistor output

The typical opto coupler is a diode emitter feeding a NPN transistor.
The output transistor may have a Base terminal for additional control.
However it's also common for the output transistor not to bring out the Base lead.
Another common output transistor is a Darlington as, Photo-darlington.
A MOSFET is also used as the output detector.

TO-99 Opto Isolator Device Package
TO-99 Package

Optocoupler is a device that has both a light source and a light detector in the same package or IC [integrated Circuit].
An external signal causes the light source to be emitted and than coupled to the light detector.
The output of the detector is than used as a control signal in another part of the circuit.
Optocouplers can be used to separate circuits from noise or other sources of interference between different circuit elements [Optoisolator].
TO-99 Mechanical Drawing

The outputs may be transistor/analog or IC/digital outputs. Transition speed is device specific.
Note optocouplers are by definition galvanic isolation optocouplers.

Common types; 4N25,4N26,4N27,4N28,4N29,4N30,4N31,4N32,4N33,4N35,4N36,4N37,4N38

MIL-PRF-19500/486G; Electronic Opto Coupler, Semiconductor Device, Solid State,
TYPES 4N22, 4N22A, 4N23, 4N23A, 4N24, 4N24A [TO-78], 4N22U, 4N23U, AND 4N24U [SMD]
[Derate linearly to 1250C by 0.67 mA/0C above +650C.]

MIL-PRF-19500/548G; Electronic Opto Coupler, Solid State Semiconductor Device,
TYPES 4N47, 4N48, 4N49, 4N47A, 4N48A, 4N49A [TO-78], 4N47U, 4N48U, 4N49U, 4N47BU, 4N48BU, and 4N49BU [SMD]
JAN, JANTX, [Derate linearly to 1250C by 0.67 mA/0C above +650C.]

Opto-coupler NAND gate logic

Logic Gate Photo-Detector;
Digital logic outputs are also common. The supply pin [Vcc] could be set at any standard voltage.
Standard 5 volt TTL or 3.3 volt low voltage TTL could be interfaced to.
The NAND gate output is one of the common logic gates.
This example uses an external logic input, other types have no input to the gate.
Inverter gates are also common output interfaces.
A single channel is depicted, but any number of individual channels are possible.

Applications: Opto-Couplers or Opto-Isolators may be used for any number of circuit applications. Two of the most common design applications include voltage translation and circuit isolation. The LED and the photo-transistor each may operate off a different circuit or voltage supply, so these components may be used to translate one circuit voltage to another. Allowing the connection from one voltage level to another. For example connecting an incoming board signal interfacing to a circuit that uses a different power supply. Because both the diode and photo-transistor are isolated, a noisy circuit may be isolated from a voltage sensitive circuit. For example a high voltage switching circuit with noisy power lines could be isolated from a portion of the circuit that required a noise-free voltage supply, like an Analog to Digital converter [A/D].

This is a listing of Analog Opto Coupler IC manufacturers.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
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