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This is a listing of Operational Amplifier IC manufacturers.
The types of products or devices the company produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
The term Operational Amplifier is some times shortened to OpAmp [Op Amp].

Operational Amplifier Manufacturers

An Operational Amplifier is a device which is a high gain amplifier whose gain and response characteristics are determined by external components. Normally this is a high gain linear amplifier which depends on negative feedback to achieve precise gain characteristics. The device is called an Operational Amplifier due to the fact that it's an amplifier, and because it was used to perform mathematical operations; addition, multiplication, division, integration, and differentiation.

Op Amp Terms:
Comparator; An Op Amp that is pre-configured with the component package to function as a Comparator.
JFET; An Op Amp with a high impedance FET input.
Programmable Gain; An Op Amp that accepts [digital] inputs which effect the gain of the output.
Rail to Rail; An Op Amp that switches to within a few mV of each supply voltage.

Operation Amplifier Off-Set Null Compensation

Operational Amplifier Definition
Differential Amplifier Definition
Inverting Amplifier Definition
Non-Inverting Amplifier Definition
Summing Amplifier Definition
Integrator Definition
Off-Set Null Definition
Noise Voltage Definition
Unity Gain Definition

OpAmp Vendors;
Advanced Linear Devices {Rail to Rail, CMOS, JFET, Micropower Operational Amplifier ICs}

Analog Devices {Op Amps, Comparators}

Fairchild Semiconductor, Corp. {Op Amp IC Manufacturer}

Intersil {Operational Amplifier & Comparator IC Manufacturer}

Linear Technology {Operational Amplifier - Comparator IC}

Maxim Integrated Products {Op Amp - Comparator IC Manufacturer}

Microchip {Linear Op Amps; Chopper Stabilized, Auto-zero Linear Op Amps, Programmable Gain Amplifiers, Selectable Gain Amps, Comparators}

Micrel Semiconductor {Operational Amplifier - Comparators}

Micropac Industries Inc. {High Temp Instrumentation Amplifier}

MSK 'M.S. Kennedy Corporation' {Commercial/Military Op Amps - Video IC Manufacturer}

National {Variable Gain, Fully Differential, Current Sense

NEC {Linear Operational Amplifiers}

NJR Corporation {Operational Amplifier & Comparator ICs}

ON Semiconductor {Linear Operational Amp - Comparator}

Renesas Technology Corp {CMOS OP Amp - High RF Noise Immunity or Low Power operation}

ROHM {OpAmps-Comparator IC Manufacturer}

STMicroelectronics {Op Amps - Comparators}

TI {Instrumentation Amps, Operational Amps}

TOREX Semiconductor Ltd. {Rail-to-Rail CMOS Op Amp}

Zarlink Semiconductor
{Current feedback, and Voltage feedback Amplifiers}

Commercial Op Amps are designed to operate over the commercial temperature range of 0 to 70 degrees centigrade.
Military Op Amps operate between the temperature range of 0 to 125 degrees centigrade and may also comply to a military standard.
Note the meaning of some terms may be specific to a particular manufacturer and not industry standard; Low noise, high speed and so on.

Design hint; Some dual supply op amps may also indicate placing one or more by-pass capacitors between the two supply voltages.
While the normal design practice is to place the capacitors between the supply voltage and ground, not between the voltages.

Op Amp - Derating Information
Op Amp - Compensation Design Information

Operational Amplifier Circuits
LM386: Audio Amplifier [Mono]
LM741: Audio Amplifier [Stereo]
LM149: Audio Tone Control [Passive / Active design]
LM301: Audio Tone Control [2-Band Active]
TL082: Audio Tone Control [3-Band Active]
LM741: Audio Midrange Control
LM381: Audio Mixer
TL084: Distribution Amplifier [Audio]
LM741: All-pass Filter
LM324: Low-pass Filter
LM833: High-pass Filter
TL081: Band-pass Filter
LM1458: Notch Filter
LM101: Sine Wave Oscillator
LM107: Sine Wave Oscillator
LM108: Cosine Wave Oscillator
LM107: Triangle Wave Oscillator
LM3900: Triangle Wave Oscillator
LM124: Rectangular wave Oscillator
LM124: Square wave Oscillator
LM386: Square wave Oscillator
LM358: Window Comparator
LM741: Zero Crossing Detector
LM339: Voltage Comparator
LM833 Analog Adder Circuit
LM741 Voltage Follower

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A listing of Operational Amplifier [OpAmp] manufacturers.
The types of products or devices the companies produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
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