Advanced Switching Interconnect

Advanced Switching Interconnect Description

Advanced Switching Interconnect 'ASI' was a Switched Fabric bus that uses the PCI Express interface.
PCIe needs to use a PCI-to-ASI bridge to be compliant with the ASI protocol.
ASI overlays the physical and link layers of PCI Express with a new transaction layer.
ASI takes the Data packet and Header packet intact from PCIe and adds an additional Header.

The Advanced Switching Interconnect standard is [or was] a switched-fabric interface.
The interconnect used a fully-connected topology, or Mesh Network [including definitions and diagrams].
Note; the network link is but one page of a much larger section of pages that cover definitions of engineering terms.
Although the topics do not address this specification, the definitions cover terms in general, used by engineers and technicians.

Switched Fabric Standards and Specifications Info

ASI SIG; Advanced Switching Interconnect SIG.
In February of 2007 the ASI SIG disbanded and transferred its specifications and documentation to PICMG so that they continue to be available.

The internet address was [] but now re-directs to a page on the PCI Manufacturers Group [] page.

ASI Core Advanced Switching Core Architecture Specification
ASI PI-8 PCI-Express to Advanced Switching Bridge Architecture Specification
ASI SDT Advanced Switching - Socket Data Interface
ASI SQP Advanced Switching - Simple Queuing Protocol
ASI SLS Simple Load/Store (SLS) Specification

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Fabric Interface IC Vendors

Xilinx, produced an ASI Endpoint core.
ASI Switch, produced a PCIe to ASI bridge converter.
Note this interface may no longer be supported, and these were the only listings found.
You should expect to find any semiconductors supporting this standard, or at least any in production.
If there any bridge chips or core ICs they would have been pulled from production by now.
As there can't any requirement to to produce ICs for a specification that never went into service.

I believe most member companies have left the ASI forum by mid 2006, so there may not be much silicon support.
I read that StarGen [now Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, 2008] was the last remaining company in the Special Interest group, which disbanded in 2007.

So this interface is listed only to be complete, but it is no longer a viable specification.
On a side note I don't even recall if the standard was ever released, or if companies were designing off a draft standard.
In any event, ASI was a standard, but should not be regarded as as interface to concerned with.

Editor note: there are a number of different sections on this site, for example; the Semiconductor vendors listed below [Components link].
One section in particular covers which company purchased which company, an aid in determining who might be manufacturing an obsolete IC.
Or who took over the manufacturing of a particular component; Component Company Listing.
Of course in some cases a company just goes out of business and no body takes over their product line.

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