Floppy Drive Power Connector. Female cable side

ATX Mother Board Pinout

Floppy Drive Power Header Pinout

This data is provided for legacy systems already deployed. As a rule Floppy drives are no longer shipped with new PC systems.
In general USB Thumb Drives have replaced floppy drives.

8 inch FDD, Internal Floppy Disk Drive
Internal Floppy Disk Drive

Floppy I/O Interface
The Floppy Drive pin out used on the ATX: series of MotherBoards used to supply power is listed below.
However, the header may not be present on the Mother Board for a number of reasons:
First, the floppy drive may get its power from the Power Supply and not require the header.
Second, the PC may not have shipped with a floppy drive [obsolete technology].

The power connector pinout for the Floppy drive on an ATX mother Board is shown below.
The motherboard may not use a four pin header to supply power to the FDD,
in which case one of the molex cables from the power supply needs to be used.
In other words the mother-board might use a header or a molex cable, depending on the manufacturer.
The cable will have the female end while the floppy drive will have the male end, as shown below.
Refer to the Floppy Drive Data Cable for additional information.

Floppy Drive Male Power Connector

Floppy Power PinOut
Pin # Signal Function Cable
1 +5VDC Red
2 COM Black
3 COM Black
4 +12VDC Yellow

Some computer manufacturers may use non-standard or proprietary components in their systems.
The pinout for the power header listed on this page comply with the ATX specification.
However some companies may use pin outs that differ from the pin out table above.
First try to determine the pin out of the headers listed above from the manual that shipped with the computer,
then use these tables only after checking all other sources of data from the manufacturer.

PC motherboard

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