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Advanced Telcom Computing Architecture
ATCA Chassis Manufacturers

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ATCA Chassis Manufacturers

ATCA chassis [or shelf] are designed to function in a normal ANSI/EIA 310 cabinets (IEC 60297-1, and 60297-1). The chassis are 12U high to support 8U high boards. Up to three 12U chassis will fit into a 42U rack. The chassis has a 1.75U (high) air plenum below the card cage and a 2.25U (high) space above the cage for dual (hot swappable) blowers. The standard chassis width is 19 inch [supporting up to 14 CCAs], or 23 inch [supporting up to 17 CCAs]. Dual redundant 48 volts power is supplied to the boards [Power Supply Manufacturers]. DC/DC converters local to each board are used to provide the required voltages.
Each board may dissipate up to 200 watts. 60 volt systems may also be used.

{AdvancedTCA Chassis Manufacturer, 4U shelf with 5 slots, 2U ATCA Shelf}

Elma Electronics Inc.
{AdvancedTCA Chassis}

Portwell Technology Inc. {5U ATCA Chassis, 19" rack mountable with 5 blade slots}

Performance Technologies
{AdvancedTCA Chassis}

Pixus Technologies
{ATCA & MicroTCA shelves and backplane}

{AdvancedTCA Chassis Manufacturer. 2/6/14/16 slot ATCA chassis}

{AdvancedTCA Chassis Manufacturer; 13U w/ Shelf Management, 2U w/ Shelf Management, 5U w/ Shelf Management, AdvancedTCA Development System}

MicroTCA Chassis Manufacturers
A different form factor chassis.

Design Recommendations:
An ATCA chassis may accept either vertical mount or horizontal mount cards.
What to include in an ATCA Chassis specification when a COTS chassis is being modified by a third party ~ TBD

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