AM2 AMD Athlon 64 FX Dual-Core Processor

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AM2 AMD Athlon 64FX Dual Core Processor

AM2 AMD Athlon 64FX Dual Core Processor
Pin Grid Array Package, PGA

Released in 2006 the AM2 socket replaced both the Socket 939 and Socket 754 processors.
Note that the missing pins are used as a key so other processors can't use the same socket.
Of course the reverse is true, that this processor will not fit in another socket because the unused pin is in a different location.
The processor resides in a Pin Grid Array [PGA Package Description] package, so called because it uses through-hole pins, arranged in an array.
When plugged into a mother board the processor uses a Zero Insertion Force Socket [ZIF Socket Description] for easy replacement.

Refer here for a list of the different Processor Types, arranged by socket name.

For reference see; AM2 Socket Mother Board Manufacturers [PC Motherboards that accept AMD processors using an AM2 socket pin arrangement].

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