24AWG Attenuation per Meter

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The graph shows attenuation as a function of frequency for 24 gauge wire. There are a number of interfaces that use 24 gauge wire including both RS-485 and EIA/TIA-422 to name just two. Of course there are a number of interface buses that use the same physical and electrical specification defined by RS485 [see that page] to include a few Field Buses. So 24 gauge wire is in wide spread use and it would not be uncommon to find electrical interfaces using 24 AWG wire, twisted-pair or bundled.

Attenuation vs Frequency for a 24 AWG Twisted Pair Cable
Attenuation 24AWG twisted pair copper wire

Graph of signal attenuation over frequency for 24 Gauge twisted pair wire. Note that the 3dB point is at about 8MHz. This does not imply that a digital clock frequency of 8MHz could be sent down the cable. A square wave contains many high frequency components, depending on the rise time. A similar set of graphs show Cable Data Rate vs Cable Length, which really has more practical importance.

However all the graphs indicate the same data, just in a different way. The attenuation graph says that high frequency components will be attenuated, or the fast edge rates will be slowed and rounded. As the rising and falling edges of a signal are reduced [slowed] the pulse has to be longer than the 'reduction' other wise it disappears. Which would be another way of saying data rate, addressed in the other chart.

Attenuation The decrease in magnitude of a signal as it travels through any transmitting medium, such as a cable or circuitry. The attenuation will change as the length of the wire increases and will also depend on if the wire is solid or stranded. In the case of a stranded wire the gauge assumes the outside diameter of the entire strand of wires.

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